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Post Domain Setup

Warming Up a Domain

Email warm-up refers to the practice of sending a gradually increasing number of emails from a new email account with the aim of building a positive reputation with email providers and avoiding spam filters.
In phishing emails, warming up a domain has many benefits, which include:
  • An increased sender reputation
  • There is more likelihood that an email will land in the inbox of a user
  • Avoiding Blacklists - reduces the risk of getting blacklisted.
    • Sending a sudden high volume of emails from a cold domain can trigger spam alerts, whereas a gradual warm-up is likely to be flagged.
  • Increased Open Rates - when emails consistently land in the inbox, open rates tend to increase.
  • Credibility with ESPs - As you warm up your domain, email service providers (ESPs) become more familiar with your sending patterns
  • Reduced Bounce Rates - Gradual warming helps you identify and address email deliverability issues early.
  • Enhanced Engagement Metrics - With a warmed-up domain, you are more likely to see improved engagement metrics (i.e., clicks and credentials entered).
Some tools that I like to utilize for warming up my domains are:
  • Mailgun InboxReady
  • LemList
  • MailReach

ChatGPT Email Generation

In normal engagements, we are tasked to write example templates for clients to ensure we get their approval. Writing templates is a time-consuming process, but we have another tool, ChatGPT.
Why waste hours of writing HTML to bypass spam filter security tools when you have the best thing to write emails, AI!
Video About ChatGPT Email Creation


Domain Categorized
A website category lookup is a web service used to determine the categories of a domain name. Domains are classified using a combination of machine learning (ML) and human inspection. Web crawlers collect and organise website content, which ML algorithms then examine and categorise. Human experts verify the results.
I don't need to explain this to you because there is one of the best resources out there and all credit goes to @bluescreenofjeff
Some of the benefits of domain categorization are:
  • Improved chances of landing emails into inboxes
  • Gives the defender the sense of a trusted domain